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20 Most Terrifying Horrifying and Scary Insects of India

Indian biodiversity is home to a different kinds of insects,arthropod, spiders,Bugs and flying insects. The most common insects in India also includes Common black cricket,Mole Cricket,Dung beetle,stink and shield bugs,termite and firefly insect. Some of these small but dangerous insects have ability to kill human using their sharp sting,bite and venom.

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10 Species of Cricket and Grasshoppers Found in India

The ground-dwelling insects are plant-eaters with powerful hind legs, Here is the basic and common grasshoppers found in different regions of India. Field Cricket The black, red or brown in color field crickets are normally feed on grasshopper eggs, moths and butterflies .

Cricket (insect) - Wikipedia

The entomopathogenic fungus Metarhizium anisopliae attacks and kills crickets and has been used as the basis of control in pest populations. The insects are also affected by the cricket paralysis virus, which has caused high levels of fatalities in cricket-rearing facilities.

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The story so far: India is gearing up for what could be one of its worst locust invasions in decades. Outbreaks of the insect attack have been reported from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya...

India combats locust attack amid Covid-19 pandemic - BBC News

Large and aggressive swarms of these crop-devouring short-horned insects have invaded more than two dozen districts covering more than 50,000 hectares of desert areas of western India.

Huge Swarms of Desert Locusts Reach Delhi After Covering ...

The crop-destroying swarms first attacked Rajasthan and then spread to Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. According to experts, broadly four species of locusts are found in India, desert locust, migratory locust, Bombay locust and tree locust. The desert locust is considered the most destructive.

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Rutu Ladage | May 25, 2016 4:56 PM IST. The incident occurred on 25th may when Anirban Ghosh purchased a pack of Nilgiri's brand Mishti Doi. This man found live insects inside his flavoured curd ...

Locust swarm attack in Gujarat: Centre sends team to ... - India

Locust swarm attack in Gujarat: Centre sends team to help farmers in state. Centre has sent nearly 11 teams to Gujarat to tackle the problem of locust attack. Not only this, the help from a few...

Fake News Buster: New Killer insect Sighted in India

Fake News Buster: New Killer insect Sighted in India. A story doing the rounds on social media claims: If you ever see this insect, please don’t try to kill it with your bare hands or touch it ...