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Laws of Cricket 2017 Code 6 LAW 1 THE PLAYERS 1.1 Number of players A match is played between two sides, each of eleven players, one of whom shall be captain. By agreement a match may be played between sides of fewer than, or more than, eleven players, but not more than eleven players may field at any time.

Laws of Cricket

of Cricket 6 Law 1 – The players 8 Law 2 – Substitutes and runners; batsman or fielder leaving the field; batsman retiring; batsman commencing innings 9 Law 3 – The umpires 12 Law 4 – The scorers 18 Law 5 – The ball 19 Law 6 – The bat 20 Law 7 – The pitch 21 Law 8 – The wickets 22 Law 9 – The bowling, popping and return creases 23


Cricket owes much of its appeal and enjoyment to the fact that it should be played not only according to the Laws, but also within the Spirit of Cricket. The major responsibility for ensuring fair play rests with the captains, but extends to all players, umpires and, especially in junior cricket, teachers, coaches and parents.


Law 1. THE PLAYERS Re affirms that the Captain is responsible for the conduct of his players. Law 12. START OF PLAY: CESSATION OF PLAY The Umpire at the bowler’s end shall call play to start the match and on resumption after any interruption/interval. The Umpire at the bowler’s end shall call time on the cessation of play prior to any

The Laws of Cricket The Preamble The Spirit of Cricket

Except as specifically provided for hereafter, the 2017 Code of the Laws of Cricket shall apply in all matches. 1. LAW 1- THE PLAYERS Law 1 shall apply. 2. LAW 2- THE UMPIRES Law 2 shall apply subject to the following: 2.1 Law 2.1 - Appointment and attendance NZC will appoint two Umpires for each first class and limited over match. NZC will

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Cricket Rules and Regulations PDF. Mastering ICC rules and the fundamental laws of cricket will give you the edge as an all-rounder. Your game will improve and you will become more competitive. Contents of the ICC Rules PDF version include crucial information about the players, umpires, and the scorers.

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The laws of cricket The preamble - The spirit of cricket : Download PDF: 3. Law 1-The players: Download PDF : 4. Law 2 - Substitutes and runners ...

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Law 0 Preamble to the Laws: Spirit of Cricket; Setting up the game. Law 1 The players; Law 2 The umpires; Law 3 The scorers; Law 4 The ball; Law 5 The bat; Law 8 The wickets; Law 9 Preparation and maintenance of the playing area; Law 10 Covering the pitch; Law 11 Intervals; Law 12 Start of play; cessation of play; Law 6 The pitch; Law 7 The ...

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four inches. In 1774, the first leg-before law was published. Also around this time, a third stump became common. By 1780, three days had become the length of a major match, and this year also saw the creation of the first six-seam cricket ball. The pavilion of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) in 1874 length: the distance from the bastman at ...